A mysterious island

secret island









The mysterious island is already a traditional activity for third-class students from the Komenského elementary school in Čadca. This year the children discovered the island along with volunteers from Thailand, Honduras, Italy and England. Through the games, they became acquainted with the lands of our volunteers, and even competed in the spirit of the Olympic Games.


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Volunteers making tests for the games of Secret Island


Now it´s D-Day !


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First activity : assemble the different parts of the flag from the volunteer´s country


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You like spaghetti and marshmallow ? Come to build the hightest tower !


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 Run before water pour out !


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Caramelo ? Carnitas ? Don´t be catched by the other team !


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Blindfolded sheep : lead your team to the safe zone without speaking


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Unravel the nodes and reconnect them for the next team


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Olympic games, which team will be the first to pass the rubber band ?


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Don´t let it fall !


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Last good bye before the departure


Information meetings for EVS


Anybody, thinking of becoming an EVS volunteer needs to come to the information meeting to find out detailed info about EVS and our current projects all over the world.


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