Chess camp

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This summer we started immediately after the end of the school year 29.06.2014 on the poppies , which held our first camp . Tips hosts two children. Half were children who wanted to improve in chess and we cooperate with Kysuce chess school , the other half were children who love horses and riding and dedicated to this beautiful sport . At the camp we had a total of 40 children and 8 leaders. Team leaders was pretty international. Brian is dedicated to children from Kenya , ola from Russia , Viet Vietnam , Rachel and Scott from England , Palo and Lenka from Kysuckej chess school and Mirka 's umbrella for Kericho . We stayed in the apartments Ski Makov . The whole week was full of activities , sports , clubs . Activity was very successful conquest of the peak lift on Makov - Black , where children competed for extended party. Motivation was so strong that the forty children , reached the top 37 Also, we had an interesting tour . In the morning we woke up to the brutal rainy morning . But the forecast predicted sunny weather . The plan was to go from the Bumbálka Kmínek if weather may wish to also take a bath and slowly go back to the camp . We decided to plan to meet , and so we started the hike is not just the sunniest weather ( before one could say that in a very bad , rainy ) . But the mood of us went wrong . We saw the beautiful Beskydy in mist and clouds , while we looked at the nature around us through the veil of rain . Despite such obstacles Kmínek we arrived , we played various games out there and on the way back we even competed in the international team. During the competition, we are looking for the greatest animal ( we managed to borrow from the human guinea pig, a dog , some children found tadpoles ) , we prove that the plants we know that we know what the forest can eat , we learned capitals of our states leaders , a song in their language ( actually Russian, swahili , Vietnamese) .During the meeting, the chess children not only improve in chess strategy but also took part in two tournaments for which they received the winning cups and other rewards and breaks between chess commemorate past tournaments and camps through photos and videos , which are chess players in the archives of many of them . Riding the children have learned to ride walk, trot , basic riding exercises as well as clean horse , saddle , zauzdiť . At the end we went with horses and instructors parted during the competition and exchange gifts . We got a horseshoe for good luck and instructors certificate and diploma , signed by all participants in the camp . On Saturday , we parted with the fact that a year like this again at camp Stream .



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