Horse Camp Makov

12th-18th August 2012

This Camp was organized by Keric to provide exclusive experince for children to engage in horse riding, learn, have fun, experience new cultures and provide them with an opportunity to be independent. The camp involve the partcipation of 26 children across ages 7- 13 years.

Notably, the camp attracted two children all the way from the Germany. The camp had five leaders "Detectives" i.e Lenka a.k.a Frng fuč (Keric), Lena a.ka. Frng Fuč Hijo (Germany), Volker a.k.a Frng Fuč Hakuna Matata (kenya), Majka a.k.a Frng Fuč Cmmat (Slovakia) and Juraj a.k.a Frng Fuč Peng (slovakia). This was a very fascinating and unique camp because it had great culture drawn from diferent parts of the world.

The children were divide into four groups. Two groups had a session in the morning and in the afternoon at the horse stables. The groups that remained behind at the Ski Apartments were treated to fun based interactive games including painting T-shirts, sports activities, dancing, making bibs and fun games.

This camp was a detective camp and all the children were branded as detectivces. Every evening the children watched a film indicating what will happen the next day and what will constitute their activities. The evenings were great with numerous activities including the kenyan and German evening where the children were provided with an opportunity to learn how to prepare delicacies from kenya and Germany.

The children also had the opportunity to learn quick facts about horses including how to take care of them, horse riding, cleaning and feeding the horses. They also played "Bobrikov" or in simple terms "dare" a game where they dare themselves to do not so simple tasks like going to the forest alone at night or speaking only in English for a period of two hours. Every child earned points for every dare that they partcipated in.

The children also had an experince with nature where they hiked for 6Km to swimming pool in Czech Republic. Even though the weather was not condusive for swimming, there too, the children had fun and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. The climax of this camp came when the children traded the points that they had earned throughout the camp days for different items that were prepared by Keric.

Indeed, it was a great camp and be rest assured that more and more coming. watch this space!!!


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