Our activities

The grand finale of course of Brazilian dances

On 9th of March 2010, after 8 weeks, finished weekly meetings of dance fans, especially latino dance fans. At the last meeting the participants danced forro, salsa, samba and free style dance under the "strict" guidance of international jury consisted of volunteers from KERIC. The winners got sashes, nice present and a kiss from Lenka and Daniel. Eventually, there were collective choreography AXE, fotographing, giving the presents, dancing and talking.

Co-operation with LTC Klokočov

Since March 2009 we have started to co-operate with newly established Leisure Time Centre (LTC) in Klokočov. The main idea of this co-operation was to give a chance to children from Klokočov to co-operate on international level, help them in developing in foreign language communication skills and to get used to people from different countries that speak different languages. The first volunteer who worked in Klokočov was Romuald.


Co-operation with LTC Stará Bystrica

KERIC started to co-operate with Leisure Time Centre (LTC) Stará Bystrica in 2007.The co-operation was based on helping with some activity in LTC by volunteers from KERIC. The innovator in this co-operation was Sandra from Austria. She lived in Stará Bystrica three days a week and participated in activities in LTC, in primary schools in Stará Bystrica and Zborov. The next follower, although for a while, was Pierre from France.


Recycling workhop - new from old

On 8th February 2010, children from the Komenskeho elementary school club visited KERIC Underground to find out about different ways how to use old paper. Under the guidance of Vlada Cabanova and Melisa Marrero, they created notepads and recycled old paper into new, which will be used for further creative work in their after-school club.

The next group of children will come to KERIC for this workshop on 19. 2. 2010.

Brasilian dances

In cooperation with the Cultural House in Cadca, KERIC opened a course of Brasilian dances on 19th January 2010. For two months, the dance teachers - EVS volunteer Daniel Oliveira dos Santos and ex-volunteer from Brasil and 



Information meetings for EVS


Anybody, thinking of becoming an EVS volunteer needs to come to the information meeting to find out detailed info about EVS and our current projects all over the world.


KERIC on facebook

You can find details about our activities also on our facebook page.

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