Creative youngsters go international: Youth Exchange in Berlin

This Youth exchange took place in Berlin from the 29th of September 2012 to 8th of October 2012.This youth exchange brought together young people from different EU countries and 

the neighboring countries to make use of their artistic skills, participate in non-formal learning activities and gain intercultural experience fostering their active participation and European awareness. Participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Poland, and Slovak Republic took part in the exchange. 


A variety of activities from group-building and creativity workshops to discussion groups and excursions were offered. Participants could choose among 5 workshops in the fields of music, theatre, media, graffiti-paintings and textile design developing own artistic concepts to express their views.

The video from youth exchange

KERIC being one of the partcipating organizations in this project sent six (6) partcipants to this youth exchange where they had the opportunity to interact and share experience with other partcipants from other countries. They also had the opportunity take part in different workshops hence building their life skills and their ability to become better persons in the society.

They also had the opportunity interact with other cultures and learn new languages especially during the intercultral night where all participating countries were presenting their culture.

The climax of this youth exchange was when each partcipant show cased the outputs and products they came up wih during the workshops programme. This enhanced the capacity of the partcipants to improve their life skills in different aspects of life.


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